Edition 2021 will be held, between the 6th and 8th of April, for the first time completely virtual

Yes, a company that develops biotechnological solutions for effective, safe and sustainable animal nutrition, will participate in the 21st Brazil South Poultry Symposium (SBSA), which will be held from April 6th to 8th. For the first time, the event will be 100% online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic responsible for the cancellation of the 2020 edition.

With a virtual stand, Yes, sponsor of the event, will present its solutions for poultry farming, such as the blends of organic minerals, B360 birds, B360 Breeders, B360 Poultry and B360 Protegg, in addition to the GutBio and Golf lines that are blends composed of prebiotics and immunomodulators focused on the maintenance and optimization of intestinal health through the modulation of the microbiota and strengthening of the immune system, providing birds that are more resistant and able to face the challenges present in our productions, ensuring better feed conversion and weight gain for the birds .

From the adsorbents portfolio, the company will highlight YES-mycoNIR and the FIX line. “These are broad-spectrum adsorbents for the control of the main mycotoxins present in our productions”, explains the veterinarian and National Poultry Manager at Yes, Matheus Calvo.

Virtual attendees will also be able to learn more about GlucanGold. A natural ingredient, with 60% of purified beta-glucans, obtained through a biotechnological process of yeast cell wall purification Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Calvo also adds that the solution stimulates the animal's immune system by increasing the synthesis of defense cells, expands the action of the immune system in the face of challenges and stress, also improving the post-vaccination response and consequently the productive performance of the animals.

About Yes

Yes, a biotechnology company in animal nutrition, develops and produces nutritional additives such as mycotoxin adsorbents, prebiotics, organic minerals, blends and yeast derivatives with the objective of improving the performance and health of animals. All products comply with the strictest laws in world markets such as the United States and Europe. Founded in 2008, Yes has a head office in Campinas/SP, four production plants, one in Lucélia/SP, one in Novo Horizonte/SP, one in Borá/SP and one in Conceição da Barra/ES, a center for Logistics and Distribution in Lucélia/SP and another in Londrina/PR. It operates throughout Brazil, in addition to exporting to over 35 countries, being present in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Since 2016 the company has been part of the investee portfolio of the Aqua Capital investment fund.

More information: https://yessinergy.com