B360 MILK, technology from Yes, is antibiotic free and offers a combination of blends of minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and vitamins

The price of milk in the field increased throughout the year. On average in Brazil, the accumulated increase was 42.9%, according to data from the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea). The months of June and August had the biggest increase in values, 40.1%, which resulted in the appreciation of milk to the producer due to greater competition in the market to guarantee the product.

According to Cepea, the price of milk paid to the producer reached R$ 1.94 in August, an increase of 10.5% compared to July 2020. “The price variations presented throughout the year in the milk market reached the apex on the second semester. This shows the value of the product and how the producer needs to take advantage of this moment to maximize his production”, explains Rogério Zillesg, veterinarian and Ruminant Business manager at Yes.

Among the various factors that affected 2020, including the pandemic, the more severe weather conditions had a big impact on the increase in production costs, corn and soybeans. To help producers ensure business profitability and product quality, even in times of adversity, Yes, a company that develops biotechnological solutions for effective, safe and sustainable animal nutrition, highlights the B360 MILK.

The line features a range of balanced solutions combining blends of minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and vitamins. “These unique combinations for high performance contribute to the performance, immune system, health and resistance of the animals”, stresses the veterinarian. 

B360 MILK: a solution designed for dairy farming

B360 MILK brings a balanced list of antibiotic-free ingredients, being a nutritional supplement dedicated to lactating dairy cattle. Its use improves the performance productive in animals, it acts on the rumen balance (more digestibility), promotes a greater supply of essential minerals (chelated minerals) and acts in the modulation of the intestinal microbiota. 

“Among the benefits, we highlight the improvement in the resistance of the hooves, increase in the animal's immune response, reduction in placental retention, decrease in milk somatic cell count (CCS) and the incidence of mastitis. All this due to the potential to improve the health of the herd”, details Zillesg. 

Yes's B360 line is available for all animal species, in versions: B360 MILK, for dairy farming; B360 birds, for poultry farming; B360 beef, for beef cattle; B360 aquaresistence, for aquaculture; B360 pigs; B360 protegg, for laying poultry and; B360 equihealth, for horses.

About Yes

Yes, a biotechnology company in animal nutrition, develops and produces nutritional additives such as mycotoxin adsorbents, prebiotics, organic minerals, blends and yeast derivatives with the objective of improving the performance and health of animals. All products comply with the strictest laws in world markets such as the United States and Europe. Founded in 2008, Yes has a head office in Campinas/SP, four production plants, one in Lucélia/SP, one in Novo Horizonte/SP, one in Borá/SP and one in Conceição da Barra/ES, a center for Logistics and Distribution in Lucélia/SP and another in Londrina/PR. It operates throughout Brazil, in addition to exporting to over 35 countries, being present in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Since 2016 the company has been part of the investee portfolio of the Aqua Capital investment fund.

More information: https://yessinergy.com