By the end of the year, the company should have revenues of around R$ 170 million in production units installed in the region

In June, the municipality of Lucélia (São Paulo) turns 77 years old. The city, which was born from investment in agriculture, stands out for a robust industrial bioenergy sector, in addition to having a solid chain of secondary sectors, which employ many workers and drive the local economy. Since 2008, Yes, a company that develops biotechnological solutions for effective, safe and sustainable animal nutrition, has helped to build this success story, in a partnership that began with the lease of a plant for drying yeast derivatives that belonged to the Central of Alcohol.

Thirteen years later, the company has invested around R$ 40 million in the Lucélia region, with the construction of production lines for Organic Minerals, Prebiotics, Mycotoxin Adsorbents, Blends and Immunomodulators, in addition to a research center (R&D). The Distribution Center facilities were also adapted and modernized. In 2021, the company obtained registration and is building a production unit for palatabilisers for pet food.

Currently, Yes generates 160 direct jobs in the city, being 100 at the factory and 60 at the Distribution Center. By hiring outsourced services, it also promotes countless indirect jobs every month. “We project that by the end of this year our Distribution Center in Lucélia will invoice R$ 170 million for Brazil and other 30 countries in which the company is present”, says the Operations Director at Yes, Leonnardo Lopes Ferreira.

Investing and promoting sustainability:

Yes' organizational model aims to operate all its production units with sustainability and social development. “Proof of this is that we are the only company in the segment to have the Green Patent we received in our industrial process, in addition to the Ecovadis seal. When we build our units close to sugar and ethanol mills, we can take advantage of a renewable energy matrix, in addition to using our mineral-rich effluents as fertilizer for the sugarcane fields”, explains the director.

In Lucélia's case, the company still has two major incentives; one of them is the solid and long-term partnership with Usina Bioenergia, where the industry was built, and the other with the Municipal Management in the lease of the former IBC, where the Yes Distribution Center currently operates. With fewer inhabitants and far from large centers, the company can contribute more significantly to the socioeconomic development of the micro-region.

A company built by people and for people:

Yes' purpose is to combine animal welfare, food safety and sustainability, producing natural additives that replace antibiotics for animal health and nutrition. The company's mission is to develop and produce the best Biotechnology solutions for safe and sustainable food. “In this way, each one of our employees, when they leave home for their work, is completely sure that they are building a better world for themselves, their children and grandchildren”, says Ferreira.

The executive also adds that Yes understands that its reason to exist necessarily involves the employees' sense of belonging. Truly listening to them, their opinions, suggestions for improvement, among other points of view is a process taken seriously by the team of supervisors, managers and directors. “We believe that this listening helps to value and really make us part of the organizational processes as a whole. We are concerned about the balance between work and family life, as we understand that the lack of it can hinder both. Additionally, our People and Management structure is always seeking the best benefits for employees and their families”.

Social investment for the Lucélia community:

Yes is a partner of the municipality in several initiatives. In the last 13 years, there have been several actions and investments in Lucélia's social development, collaborating with various institutions in the city, either through own initiative projects or in times of need. Regarding the Environment, the company promoted the revitalization of the Salto Botelho Municipal Natural Park, sponsors the Rafting project and participates in the board of the project's deliberative council.

“Yes congratulates on this June 24th, 2021 the city of Lucélia, which turns 77 years old, extending its congratulations to the entire Luceliense people. Good, warrior, honest and hardworking people who, with their daily work, build the development of the city and who, like us at Yes, spare no effort in the pursuit of growth and better days for this city. It is necessary to sow actions and reap achievements, seeking the future in the present so that the community's achievements are always growing, demonstrating that we are the ones who make tomorrow. Our perseverance is the light that illuminates the path towards an ever more just and citizen Lucélia. And for that, count on Yes”, concludes Leonnardo Lopes Ferreira.

About Yes

Yes, a biotechnology company in animal nutrition, develops and produces nutritional additives such as mycotoxin adsorbents, prebiotics, organic minerals, blends and yeast derivatives with the objective of improving the performance and health of animals. All products comply with the strictest laws in world markets such as the United States and Europe. Founded in 2008, Yes has a head office in Campinas/SP, four production plants, one in Lucélia/SP, one in Novo Horizonte/SP, one in Borá/SP and one in Conceição da Barra/ES, a center for Logistics and Distribution in Lucélia/SP, another in Cascavel/PR, in addition to the opening, in 2020, of a new DC located in Mexico. It operates throughout Brazil, in addition to exporting to over 37 countries, being present in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia. Since 2016 the company has been part of the investee portfolio of the Aqua Capital investment fund.

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