First YesCast program is now available and debate on immunomodulation in aquaculture

Always innovating in the way of bringing knowledge to the animal protein sector and being close to its customers and partners, Yes, a company that develops biotechnological solutions for effective, safe and sustainable animal nutrition, launches YesCast. Yes's podcast will feature monthly episodes that will be available on major digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and Deezer.

The first program is already on the air and addresses the “Use of Immunomodulators in Aquaculture”. The National Aqua and Pet manager at Yes, Sidney Fernandes; the researcher from Embrapa Amapá, Marcos Tavares Dias; Wanderson Natale Dias, researcher and consultant at VND Aquicultura, and journalist Fernanda Custódio.

Considered a new activity in Brazil, especially when compared to other proteins, aquaculture has gained prominence in the last five years, when there was an exponential growth and development in the sector. "The use of immunomodulators, mainly in the production of fish and shrimp, has the potential to increase resistance and protection against sanitary challenges, positively impacting their survival and minimizing the immunosuppressive effect of antinutritional factors in the feed, ensuring more efficient production ”, details Sidney Fernandes.

To follow in full access: YesCast – 1st episode – The use of Immunomodulators in Aquaculture

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