Rostagno Bioavailability of organic minerals G2

In 2019, Yes carried out a test in the experimental sheds of the Federal University of Viçosa in partnership with Professor Horácio Rostagno. In the experiment, the bioavailability of the Organic Mineral G2 – Generation 2 – from Yes was analyzed.


The GlucanGold line, by Yes, contains a potent source of purified and concentrated β-glucan, derived from the cell wall of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with immunomodulatory function and with differentiated doses for high and low challenge. Up to 60% plus activation of the immune response when compared to another source of purified β-glucan.

Fix Binder

The Fix line, by Yes, fights the main mycotoxins by capturing them in the animals' bodies. They are broad-spectrum adsorbents for controlling the main mycotoxins: Aflatoxins, Fumonisins, Zearalenone, Ochratoxin, DON and T2.


Gutbio improves the viability of farm animals and the longevity of companion animals

Yes - Green Patent

green patent

Yes received a Green Patent for the production of these chelated minerals.

YesSinergy® – Glucan Mos

Yes-Glucan Mos, solution from Yes, is a prebiotic additive composed of specific fractions of the yeast cell wall, consisting of 1,3 and 1,6 β-glucans and mannanoligosaccharides.

Glucan Mos

Glucan Mos is a patented product, just like Golf, it is an exclusive solution from Yes. It is composed of β-glucans and Mos. Although the raw material is the same, yeast, the production process for β-glucans and Mos is different.

swine farming

What is the importance of using yeast and derivatives in pig production? Come find out what these microorganisms are, understand what they are for and enjoy their pig farming benefits!

Food safety, post-pandemic

Market and food safety are extremely important items and are correlated.

YesSinergy® – 12 years

Founded in 2008, YesSinergy is a Brazilian 100% company that was born with the purpose of combining animal welfare, food safety and sustainability, producing natural, effective and innovative solutions that replace antibiotics for animal health and nutrition.

YesSinergy® | Innovate to go beyond!

YesSinergy brings information on biotechnology based on science, technology, sustainability, innovation and application to animal health and nutrition.

Study proves Yes's ability to complex Selenium to have more bioavailability

There is a market claim that it is not possible to complex selenium. But Yes manages to complex selenium in its production, making a link between the inorganic mineral and amino acids.

Poultry Summer Challenges

Summer challenges directly influence high-performance poultry production, as the threshold between profit and loss is very close.

Summer Aquaculture Challenges


As well as winter, summer is also a period that demands attention from aquaculturists. As they are pecilothermic, fish depend on the temperature and environment in which they live.

Summer challenges in dairy farming

The biggest challenge in summer milk production is the heat stress that animals suffer.

Summer challenges in beef cattle

In addition to the heat stress that grazing animals experience during the summer, they have the challenge of grass sprouts. When the grasses begin to sprout, there are times when the animal suffers from diarrhea.

Brazilian producers are more connected and using digital communication tools in decision making

In order to show the advances and changes in the profile of Brazilian rural producers regarding the adoption of new technology and its relationship with the current forms of communication available, the Brazilian Association of Rural Marketing held the 8th edition of the Survey on Farmer Habits Brazilian, which portrays the current situation of agribusiness facing the new influencing agents of the market.

Despite the pandemic, agribusiness remains the cornerstone of the country

artistic, creative and entertainment activities; air, interstate and intercity rail transport; accommodation services; manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and bodies; fabrics, haberdashery, clothing and footwear; private education; telecommunications; metallurgy and some other sectors of great economic representation figure in the list of sectors most affected by the pandemic in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Economy, in an ordinance published at the end of last year.

Summer challenges in ruminant confinement

With summer, high temperatures and high humidity arrive, which ends up affecting the animal, mainly in the low zootechnical performance, due to the low intake of dry matter. Animals end up eating less for all the physiological stress they go through in the summer.

Fish farming requires winter care

During winter, some activities, such as aquaculture, require more attention from rural producers. With the arrival of the cold, the fish stop eating and, normally, the treatments are reduced once a day, in some moments.

The strength of agribusiness

Five years ago, agribusiness became the headline in one of the biggest broadcasters in the country. The campaign “Agro is Tech, Agro is Pop, Agro is everything” was in the unconscious of Brazilians and it worked so well that it was expanded – the initial idea was that it would end in 2018.

The importance of corn in animal feed

corn plantation

Celebrated on May 24, after Law 13.101, 2015, we officially have the National Corn Day, which is now in its sixth year of celebration. But, this story started much earlier, as one of the main foods of indigenous peoples and, with the evolution of animal production, it also became the basis of food in the processes of animal protein.

Results of research on pets

We know that the relationships between tutors and pets are longstanding. These relationships were initially based on an animal as a working tool, but nowadays it is a relationship that involves a lot of feeling. It is a relationship based on wanting to provide your partner with health, well-being and longevity.

Pig farming in Brazil: production of the future

Our mission, going forward, will really be to produce quality meat. We will have a lot of work in the next decade to face all these new challenges that animal production and human health have brought us.

Yeasts and derivatives

Yes has four yeast-derived products: dry yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast wall and live yeast. We know that each part of the yeast brings a kind of benefit to the animal.

Transition and postpartum cows

The transition period is critical in milk production. We are aware of the complications that can occur in dairy production on the farm when we do not work properly. What is the transition period? This transition period ranges from 30 days or 21 days for the pre-calving cow to 60 or 90 days post-calving for that cow. It's a period between 90 days and 100 days that I have to be more careful with the cow.

Ruminants: heifer health

We know the complexity of handling calves, from calf birth, cow motherhood, colostrum ingestion, postpartum drying of this animal, the environment it stays in, whether it's airy, whether it's dry, whether it's comfortable, all of that influences on calf rearing.

adaptation in confinement

With the arrival of winter, pastures become drier and ranchers invest in confinement or semi-confinement. Within this strategy, some bottlenecks need to be corrected so that cattle can express maximum yield.

GlucanGold in poultry farming

Glucangold is a product composed of purified beta-glucans, at a concentration of 60%. It is the only product in Brazil with this level of purified beta-glucans, with technology from the Yes team and developed in the country. The immunomodulator is a strong ally of producers for the daily challenges in poultry farming.

Green Patent

green patent

Patent Verde is a program established by the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), in which a company that meets its requirements can apply for inclusion. It analyzes whether its production process respects and contributes to the environment.